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As the sheaf of golden wheat Lieth hidden within the tiny kernel, So is the kingdom of heaven Hidden within our thoughtsBut faith is the guide Over the gaping chasm, And perseverance the foothold In the jagged rocks"My children, know you not that the Earth And all that dwells therein Is but a reflection of the Kingdom of the Heavenly Father? And as you are suckled and comforted By your mother when a child, But go to join your father in the fields When you grow up, So do the Angels of the Earthly Mother Guide your steps Toward him who is your Father, And all his holy Angels, That you may know your true home And become true Sons of GodThou shalt not covet thy neighbor's possessionsISBN9780884945741The (First) Apocalypse of James The Gospel of Mary (Magdalene) (from the Akhmim Codex) This is a very short text that gives an insight into how Mary Magdalene was one of Jesuss closest disciples and how Mary had trouble being accepted by Peter because she was a woman a conflict that also appears in other Gnostic Christian textsIn it, Jesus reveals that not only do we have a Heavenly Father, but also an Earthly Mother, and describes the role she has in creation and our livesYet each shall follow his own path, And each shall commune with his own heart


The Essene Gospel of John[edit]When your eye opens in the angelic world, you recover your destiny and you can then communicate with your soulBefore the mountains were brought forth, Or ever thou hadst formed the earth, Even from everlasting to everlasting, Thou art Godp.61fIn this book, you will learn how to create harmony in you and around you by balancing and unifying the two halves of your beingThe written Law Is the instrument by which The unwritten Law is understood, As the mute branch of a tree Becomes a singing flute In the hands of the shepherdHe who hath found peace with the body Hath built a holy temple Wherein may dwellforever The spirit of GodThou shalt not killKnow this peace with thy mind, Desire this peace with thy heart, Fulfill this peace with thy bodyBut it did


Others only scratched the surface, and I always knew there was moreKnow this peace with thy mind, Desire this peace with thy heart, Fulfill this peace with thy bodyHe is not revealed, Nor is he unrevealedDo thou reveal unto me, O Heavenly Father, Thy nature, Which is the power of the Angels of thy Holy KingdomAfter the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls in the 1940s and intense public interest in the Essenes, Szekely republished an updated version as The Essene Gospel of JohnFor you shall go out with joy And be led forth with peace: The mountains and the hills Shall break forth before you into singing^ Szekely, Edmund BordeauxThrough her brightness and glory Do the winds blow, Driving down the clouds Towards the never-failing springs

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